This is the season of the Bride and the Bridegroom. The Bridegroom leads and the Bride follows in total obedience. The time of the revealing of YAHWEH’S true sons and daughters in this crucial, serious, but exciting time, End-Time has arrived. Yes, it’s here, not on the doorstep, but in the house. The alarm went off for this purified Remnant to move with the Glory of the MOST HIGH GOD YAHWEH.
They were hidden for a time frame and during the hiddenness they were equipped, trained, sanctified by HOLY SPIRIT. They were buried, the flesh has been dealt with and after the death of their flesh, and they were resurrected, totally transformed and transfigured by GOD. They became victorious and found new life in CHRIST alone, so the angel of the LORD came to role away the stone for this remnant to come out from their hidden position (the tomb) to infiltrate the four corners of the earth to pre-pare the way for the LORD to come and manifest HIS glorious presence and power on the earth through them. I declare to you the remnant, its resurrection day; the stone has been rolled away. Matthew 28:2 and Mark 16:3-4

They have a great commission and that is to go and make disciples of all the nations and baptizing them in the name of the FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT. Matthew 28:19

Their task is to reconcile people unto GOD. 2 Corinthians 5:19b

While hiding in ambush, (a surprise attack from a hidden position) they had encounters with GOD (mountain experience) where they received GODLY instructions. Joshua 8:4

We hear and see the earthquakes, hailstorms etc… Rev 16: 17-18

It will be during these crucial times that YAHWEH will send these selected, purified, trained, prepared and obedient warriors and harvesters, called the Remnant(survivors) out into these horrified places to be HIS extended mouth piece, hands, feet and heart. When the leaders of this world do not know what to do and with all that is happening in around them, this Remnant will be asked for advice, because of the seven spirits of the LORD that they are filled with, but yet they will walk with complete humility. Isaiah 11:2, Micah 7:15-17, Daniel 1, Daniel 11:33 and Isaiah 42:1-9

They will be able to do the extraordinary unusual miracles and they will, most important, bring in the End-Time harvest of souls into GOD’S Kingdom. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things for GOD.

The time has come for this Remnant to arise and shine for the Glory of the LORD has risen upon them. They are taking up their authority in CHRIST JESUS and do the work they had been called for, for a time such as this.

Signs and wonders will follow this Remnant (survivors) where-ever they will go against a fast speed; they will be very swift, sharp and as sure footed as a deer. Psalm 18:33-35

The world will see the manifestations of YAHWEH’S Power operating through these true sons and daughters of GOD ALMIGHTY, the SOVEREIGN LORD of the army.

The world is waiting in expectancy on the revealing of the true sons and daughters of GOD. Many have been called, but a few has been selected, because they were put in quarantine for severe training for the End-Time spiritual battle against the principalities of darkness.

All people will see the Power of GOD manifesting among us, nations, tribes and tongues will run to receive salvation.

YAHWEH is calling this Remnant out to war. Joel 3:9-11 and Micah 5

The time has come for this Remnant (Bride of CHRIST), these fearless survivors to get-up and get dressed, put on their armor, take out their sword, step out onto the battle field and onto the mountains and into the valleys and speak life, because our words is as Powerful as in the mouth of GOD. They do have the fear of the LORD.

We step into the different valleys, valleys of death (Ezekiel 37) and decision making (Joel 3:14) and take YAHWEH’S light and life into these valleys. It’s all about harvesting people. The fruit that we harvest is people brought to eternal life. John 4:36

This Remnant is a determine people who do not compromise, because they know the will and expectancy of their Heavenly FATHER. They are a selected people from the four corners of the earth. Some of them were trained by HOLY SPIRIT and some were trained by HOLY SPIRIT filled sons and daughters of GOD. Joel 3:10. They are experience warriors filled with the Strength and Power of the LORD GOD of HOST who don’t settle for defeat. 1 Chronicles 12

YAHWEH will receive all the Praise, Glory and Honor, because this Remnant knows HE don’t share HIS Glory with anyone else. Isaiah 42:8

This Holy Priesthood of the LORD, the Remnant, were once a rejected people, not chosen by the human’s eye, but accepted and chosen, selected by GOD. They went through the fire (tests and trials) as part of their preparation and the LORD has found them faithful and HE delight HIMSELF in them. Mark 9:49

They totally live by faith and not by sight, depending on JEHOVAH JIREH, the LORD their Provider. Again so that GOD be glorified. Their entire lives will be a testimony of GOD’S grace and goodness. They will lack nothing, but walk in the fullness of GOD’S provision.

This Remnant, the Bride of CHRIST received their training as they have journeyed through life (hurt, pain, suffering etc.) as well as in the secret place where HOLY SPIRIT was their trainer. It was in the secret place where they became spiritually pregnant through their intimacy with HOLY SPIRIT. They give birth to gigantic a spiritual baby who is needed in these End-Times. The times we entering is so severe, crucial as well as exciting and that is why we cannot afford to have under-nourished or premature babies now. Under-nourished spiritual babies are the ones GOD called aside into the secret place, but did not feed on HOLY SPIRIT and the Word of GOD, but was fed by unhealthy spiritual food, like wrong teachings. Pre-mature spiritual babies are the ones who left the secret place before their releasing time, meaning they going into spiritual labor before their appointed time set by GOD. So yes its very risky and to dangerous to have those type of spiritual babies on the battle field, they can endanger their fellow soldiers and they will surely die, because there spiritual immune system is not strong enough to resist the attacks of their enemy, Satan. They had a choice after GOD called them into hiddenness, but they followed their own plan, to be out of GOD’S will and disobeyed HIM and thought they can still be part of the End-Time Remnant. Our disobedience will cost us a price to pay.

We as the Body of CHRIST are all family, but it’s not all of us who will make out the Remnant (survivors) the Bride of CHRIST. It is those who surrender their lives whole heartedly and withstand the onslaughts of the enemy and served GOD no matter what, they have never quit. Those who said yes LORD here am I send me. Those who went through the purification. Those who sacrificed. It’s a few, a little group that GOD had selected out of the Body of CHRIST, who is even willing to lay down their own lives for JESUS CHRIST. These people, the Remnant are the End-Time Warriors of JEHOVAH.

The other spiritual brothers and sisters of the Remnant that’s remain in the Heroes Temple (Temple made with human hands) also have a task and that is to take care of the souls that will be harvested by the Remnant. They have to nurture, teach, equip them until they can leave the milk and eat the solid spiritual food, as well as pray the Remnant and to take care of their families while they are fighting on the battle field. So you see, we all fit in like a puzzle, we do need each other. After all, we are one Body of CHRIST with separate body parts, but the one cannot without the other one.

This Remnant is called to prepare the way for the LORD, just like John. John 3:27-28
  • They are called to make the high way straight for the LORD to come.
  • Their words will be like a sword piercing through bone and marrow.
  • They will be like a arrow in HIS quiver, they will not miss their targets.
  • Because of the favor of the LORD upon them, whatever they will ask in the name of YESHUA that is in line with HIS will, they will receive.
  • They are filled with Holy Fire, Strength, Power, Joy and yes, with GOD’S Agape love (unconditional love).
  • They are very much focused on their GOD given assignments. They are not a people that can be side-tracked by anything. They move under the supervision of HOLY SPIRIT and are totally under HIS influence and control.
  • They live under the protection of their MOST HIGH GOD, YAHWEH. Psalm 91 is their portion.
  • LION of JUDAH is with them everywhere they go as GOD direct them through HIS HOLY SPIRIT. That is why their spiritual senses are very sensitive or shall I say, sharp.
  • The angels are also at their command. GOD has assigned legends of angels to take charge over them until their GOD given assignments are done.
  • This Remnant or let me say, survivors knows what it is to fight until the end, because the storms of life taught them not to give up until GOD says it’s over.

So yes, they will not stop until truth and righteousness has been restored and GOD is satisfied. Amen!!!

Zechariah 13:9

Inspired By: HOLY SPIRIT

Written By: Carol

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