Written: July 2009                 


 Do Not Share Your Dream Protect It Against your destiny Killers

        Revelations 10:4                   Habakkuk 2:2-3                        Genesis 37:5

Do not reveal Gods plan for your life before its time.

You may just share with your destiny killer.

People would want to kill your baby even before it’s born.

They will put you to sleep with their la-la-bye, meaning, through their nice flattering words.

They will go so far to even snatch your baby from your womb.

People would want to kill you, spiritually and physically, just in order for you not to give birth to your promise child.

These wicked people are filled with evil spirits of jealousy and envy, which is the cause of their actions.

They feel inferior.

Spiritual jealousy occurs in the church world amongst the brethrens.



This jealousy is more dangerous than the jealousy that the world has (the sinners).


We as Christians have the power and authority to speak things into existence.

We create good or bad by what we release or speak.

Your loving brothers and sisters, biological or spiritual, can sell you out.

Hide your dream until the appropriate time of revelation.

Hide in the secret place of the most high, until he brings you out.

Why do you think you don’t get a prophetic word in the open, while others do and you feel like , that word was for me.

You know why?

God is hiding you and protecting your destiny.

If He reveals his secret plan too soon, out of your season, your destiny killers will stand ready to snatch your baby and run…

They will start giving you a cold shoulder.

You will start seeing ugly manifestations flowing out of jealousy.



Our excitement about God’s plan for our lives, can be so overwhelming and we then just trust every-one and anyone and we think they are all excited with us, until reality strikes and you see the claws coming out.

Then your excitement and trust causes robbery, abortion or death.

We all need in this case, to learn to apply the one fruit of the spirit which is: Self-Control.

What God shares with you, is just meant for you, keep it in your safe or vault until the revealing time or release.

Luke 1:19 – 24

The kidnapper or illegitimate parent will not be able to breast-feed your baby, especially when she has not been pregnant, going through the process of pregnancy.

While being in the mother’s womb, the fetus bond with the mother.

That new born baby needs the heat and touch of his or her mother.

The baby’s immune system will not have the strengths to fight against sicknesses, so the new born infant will eventually die in the care of the neglecting kidnapper.



26July 2009, a baby was kidnapped from one of our hospitals, while the mom was in a coma after giving birth.

I actually received the news while I was busy writing this message given to me by God.

It is our responsibility as men and women to protect our Spiritual babies.

Gigantic Spiritual Babies are being born in this End Time season.

Do not expose yourself during your pregnancy to wrong influences.

Do not expose your spiritual new born baby to any germs, viruses or diseases.

It is contagious and it can affect the baby and it may lead to death.

This means that you must associate yourself with genuine, born again, spirit filled believers, so that you and your spiritual baby can grow to maturity and be strong and healthy. Luke 1:39-45

Do not eat wrong spiritual food eat solid (truthful) spiritual food and stay away from sin.

During our spiritual pregnancy we can’t afford to be negligent (careless).

We are talking about life and death, but most of all, your destiny, God’s dream, God’s plan, God’s Kingdom…

The world is waiting for the true sons and daughters to come forth.

Feed your baby healthy spiritual food, so that he or she can grow fast and strong.

Spiritual Male Baby:                                                                                                                                                   Speaks to the seeds, being sperm bearing, that when planted in the earth become trees. Trees in this context represent nations. Isaiah calls them God’s plantings Isaiah 60:21-22 and                           Isaiah 61:3-5. Male babies reflect potential if handled (nurtured) properly.                                          

Spiritual Female Babies:                                                                                                                                                 Speak to fruit, being the product of seed planted and grown. Female babies speak to fruit as the outcome of handling God’s assignment as promised. 

Spiritual Babies:                                                                                                                                                                New projects or ventures are often depicted prophetically as babies in their inception. When a venture is depicted with or by a baby, this is expressly what it meant. If an infant is shown in charge of, building, or otherwise in control of a proposed venture, this speaks to its small beginnings but ultimate success.

(Babies sex meanings found on internet)

We cannot afford under-nourished spiritual babies in this time (end time), because there’s demonic gigantic spirits out there that has also been raised up for such a time.

We need strong gigantic spiritual babies, not physically, but spiritually, amen!

Please… do not sell your baby or give it away, not even in the time of famine.

Wait it out!

Children are a gift from God. Psalm 127:3

God takes better care of our children then we can, because He is the giver of life.

Please…do not go into labor before your appointed time, dangerous!

Don’t press the fruit ripe while still green, not ready yet to be eaten.

You can cause greater harm than good.

Impatience can cause permanent injury, damage and destruction.

You just might give birth to an Ishmael. Genesis 16

Desperacy can cause us to miss the promise child, Isaac.

Out of desperacy the flesh intends to make wrong decisions that can cause great distress in the future.

Still today there is war between the descendants of Ishmael and Isaac about their inheritance, because Sarai was desperate for a child.        Genesis 21:8-13

She did not want to wait on God’s timing and she made her own plan.

Isaiah 53:10c says; He will enjoy a long life, and the Lord’s plan will prosper in his hands.

Out of her desperacy she made a decision that still affects lives today.

Our wrong decisions can cause permanent damage.

Please, do remember, Sarai was forgiven by God, that’s why her name was changed to Sarah after she gave birth to her promised child, Isaac. Genisis 18:1-15 and Genesis 21:1-7

God does forgive when we repent of our wrong doings, but even though we repent, the consequences remains.



Samson was stripped from his power/strength when he revealed his secret to Delilah.        

He allowed a seductive woman, Delilah to mislead him and eventually he gave in to his flesh. He was deceived and sold out for eleven hundred pieces of silver.  Judges 16:4, 6, 15-21

After his repentance, God’s grace and mercy has given Samson another chance. Judges 16:22, 28

Samson’s final victory!  Judges 16:23-30              


Solomon succeeded in everything that was in his heart, visions dreams and desires.                                                      1Kings 3 & 4 & 9 & 10   


Now remember, every Spiritual Baby is conceived by Holy Spirit within your chamber.

Allow Holy Spirit to teach you, control you during and after your spiritual pregnancy.

Jesus did not receive his blood from Mary also not from Joseph, because they were not married and neither did they have intercourse.

So the blood of Jesus came from His Heavenly Father, YAHWEH.

A baby does not receive its blood from the mother, but from the father.

That’s why there is Power in the Blood of Jesus…

That’s why Jesus is the everlasting one…

Revelation 12 – The Woman and the Dragon

Remember, Herod was after the promised child Jesus, to kill Him, Pharoah was out to kill all the baby boys during the time that Moses was a baby.

So these two men were destiny killers, because they felt threatened.

So my dear beloved brother and sister in Jesus Christ, watch out for the Pharoah and Herod spirits, they are dream and destiny killers.

They are still amongst us today, especially in the church, which is supposed to be the save haven, be Aware, be Careful, do not be misled.

When you have been impregnated with the spiritual seed in your womb, then the baby is your responsibility to be taken well care of.

Protect your promised child, by protecting your dream.


Inspired by: Holy Spirit

Written by: Carol                                                                                                   

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